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The Case for Christ: From Atheism to Christianity

  March 30, 2018 • Download this article (PDF) In The Case for Christ, a DVD movie released recently, former award-winning Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel tells of how he turned away from atheism to the Christian faith through his research to debunk the resurrection of Christ. His colleague at the Tribune told him that the resurrection is Christianity’s central doctrine. If he can prove that the resurrection is a myth, “the whole house of cards falls.” What happened to him in his investigation is the work of God himself. Here…

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Christ Despised and Rejected

  A Short Meditation on Isaiah 53:1-3 March 30, 2018 (Good Friday) · Download this article (PDF) In our meditations this Good Friday, we divided Isaiah 53 into three parts. In verses 1-3, the Suffering Servant is despised and rejected by his people. In verses 4-6, he bore the sins of his people in his sufferings and death. And in verses 7-12, by the will of the LORD, he is crushed but is victorious over his enemies. So let us read our texts for this first meditation: Isaiah 53:1–3: Who…

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Good Friday 

Joint Good Friday Service

  Big Springs Community Church invites everyone to our Joint Good Friday Service with Montague Reformation Church and Lake Shastina Community Bible Church. Date and Time: April 14, 2017 • 6:00 PM Place: Big Springs Community Church, 7220 Highway A12, Montague, CA 96064 Contact No.: 530.598.7584 The service will have seven Scripture lessons, followed by a meditation and song on each lesson. Each Lesson and Song takes us from an Old Testament prophecy about the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ to its fulfillment in the New Testament.…

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