Ezekiel Matthew Sermons 

The First Four Disciples

Isaiah 52:7; Ezekiel 47:7-10; Matthew 4:18-22 (text) February 25, 2018 • Download this sermon (PDF) Beloved Congregation of Christ: Here’s an email or letter that some of us, including myself, might have received from the IRS: Dear Taxpayer You are entitled to your tax refund now. The tax refund amount as $651,443. You are required to follow the link below to login to on secure E-pass site with your Social Security Number and complete the required information in order for your refund to be processed. To access the form for…

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Matthew Sermons 

The Temptation of Jesus: “It is Written”

  Psalm 95:7-11; Matthew 4:1-11; Romans 5:19; Hebrews 4:15 February 18, 2018 • Download this sermon (PDF) Beloved Congregation of Christ: If you were traveling around the world, and offered to eat fried tarantula in Cambodia; or haggis in Scotland, a pudding of sheep’s liver, heart and lungs; or balut in the Philippines (duck egg with embryo); or sheep’s eye in Morocco: would you be tempted to eat them? Most probably not. But if I was offered a prime rib dinner and spumoni ice cream, it would be a great…

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KSYC Program 

Jesus on the Mount of Temptation

  Deuteronomy 6:10-19; Matthew 4:8-10 (text) January 11, 2014 • KSYC 103.9FM (Yreka) • Download this article (PDF) The temptation of Jesus is a good example of how a Christian is able to avoid sin. The Holy Spirit led him up to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. God never tempts anyone to sin (Jas 1:13). But he tested his Son so he would fulfill all that the Law and the Prophets prophesied about him, and to be able to be like us in every respect. He was fully…

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