KSYC Program 

Honor Authorities

  Exodus 20:12; John 19:25-27; Romans 13:1-7; Ephesians 6:1-4 September 9, 2016 (KSYC) • Download this article (PDF) In recent weeks, major liberal journalists and social media have compared violent American flag-burning protesters to soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy — all while downplaying the leftists’ violence. These protesters, known as “antifa” (short for anti-fascist), advocate communism and even anarchy, and have even been listed as a domestic terrorist movement by New Jersey. “Antifa” is made up of self-described anarchists — radical left-wing thugs who employ violence and intimidation to advance…

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1 Peter Romans Sermons 

“Be Subject to the Governing Authorities”

  Scripture Readings: Jeremiah 29:1-7; Romans 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:13-25 September 25, 2016 • Download this sermon (PDF) Congregation of Christ: These last few days, violence and looting have erupted in Charlotte these last few days, and in many other cities in the last year whenever there are black people who are shot by police officers. Some people even advocate violence against police authorities. These are all to protest what they perceive as social injustice and police brutality. And in recent weeks, a protest has been getting much attention. It centers around…

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Judges Sermons 

The Lord Saved His People Through Othniel

Scripture Readings:Judges 3:7-11 (text); Romans 13:1-4 June 19, 2016 (BSCC); June 26, 2016 (ZCRC Pasig) • Download this sermon (PDF) Congregation of Christ: In the introduction to the Book of Judges, the author lays out for us the repeating cycle of sin, oppression, crying out in distress, God sending a judge, restoration, and then back to sin again in the life of Israel. Starting with the story of the first judge, Othniel, we see this cycle in a real historical cycle. Othniel’s story is a short five verses. No other…

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