Ephesians Isaiah Sermons 

Holy War (But Not THAT Holy War)

We are in the midst of a holy war, but not a physical war against our enemies. Our war is of the spiritual kind against the devil and his fallen angels and against those who hate our God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Be strong in the Lord, stand firm, and pray without ceasing. And God will complete our victory at the end of this age.

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“Is God a Moral Monster?”

  Today, the men of Big Springs Community Church continued their study of “The Gospel According to Joshua,” based on the White Horse Inn series. Lesson 2’s title is striking, “Is God a Moral Monster?” Over and over again, God was glorified by the men. “He is Sovereign.” “He does what he pleases.” “He’s in control of our lives.” Some points that we discussed were: God’s judgment is not only against the “_ites”—Canaanites, Hittites, Hivites, etc. (Jos 3:10)— but also against Israelites. God says to Israel before they were destroyed by…

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