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The Case for Christ: From Atheism to Christianity

  March 30, 2018 • Download this article (PDF) In The Case for Christ, a DVD movie released recently, former award-winning Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel tells of how he turned away from atheism to the Christian faith through his research to debunk the resurrection of Christ. His colleague at the Tribune told him that the resurrection is Christianity’s central doctrine. If he can prove that the resurrection is a myth, “the whole house of cards falls.” What happened to him in his investigation is the work of God himself. Here…

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4 Crumbs of Fool’s Gold About the Resurrection of Jesus

  Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, I attached this article, condensed from “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ” by Dr. Jack L. Arnold of Third Millennium Ministries, as a bulletin insert. It is one thing to reject the resurrection fact; it is quite another to try to explain away the biblical record. Men have tried to explain the empty tomb in a number of ways: The “wrong tomb” theory: Some say that the women who found the tomb empty were at the wrong tomb. There were four women. If the ladies made…

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