Psalms Sermons 

“My Soul Thirsts for You, O God!”

Readings:Psalms 42-43 (text); John 4:13-14 August 16, 2015 • Download this sermon (PDF) Dear Congregation of Christ: Today, Christians are bombarded on television, books, seminars with promises of a life of prosperity–of health, wealth and happiness. That Christian life is a life without sadness, grief, loneliness, struggles, or even death. But what our Lord Jesus Christ promises his people is a life of struggles, pain, persecution, and even martyrdom at the hands of God’s enemies. We have already studied several of the Psalms, and what have we found? Many of the…

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Sabbath Sermons 

The Lord’s Day as Our Sabbath Delight and Rest

  Second in the series on the Lord’s Day Genesis 2:1-3; Isaiah 58:13-14 (text); Hebrews 4:1-4 Rev. Nollie Malabuyo • August 2, 2015 (Big Springs Community Church) Download this sermon (PDF) Dear Congregation of Christ: In the first three Commandments of the Decalogue, the Lord tells us that we are to worship God alone, not idols, and to honor his name. The Fourth Commandment is also about honoring him when we honor the Sabbath day to keep it holy (Exod 20:8-11). Our text in Isaiah 58:13-14 tells us that if…

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Ecclesiastes Sermons 

“When You Go to the House of God”

  Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 (text); Matthew 7:21-27 © November 2, 2014 • Download this sermon (PDF) Introduction Beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ: Many evangelicals have a very low regard for the Lord’s Day. Their priority is their own pleasure and convenience on the Lord’s Day. If there’s no get-together, no outing, no important sports event, then they remember to attend the worship service. If they didn’t stay late for a Saturday night party, then they come. A survey released last week by Ligonier Ministries says that 52…

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Visiting Our Church Worship 

Things to Read & Know Before Partaking of the Lord’s Supper With Us

On the first Lord’s Day every two months, we have a holy feast for our souls as we partake of the Lord’s Supper. You are invited to partake of this holy food with us if you read—and agree with—the following articles: “Four Views of the Lord’s Supper.” Our view is the last one presented. (Download PDF) We practice close communion. Find out what we mean by this in “Open, Closed, or Close Communion?” (Download PDF) When you come and desire to join us, please read “A Word to Visitors About the Lord’s Supper,” a brief summary…

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