Visiting Our Church Worship 

Things to Read & Know Before Partaking of the Lord’s Supper With Us

On the first Lord’s Day every two months, we have a holy feast for our souls as we partake of the Lord’s Supper. You are invited to partake of this holy food with us if you read—and agree with—the following articles:

When you come and desire to join us, please read “A Word to Visitors About the Lord’s Supper,” a brief summary of what we require of those who participate in the bulletin insert. Since we do desire to welcome you at the Lord’s Table to receive Christ and his benefits, you are invited to speak with the pastor after the service to discuss these things.

If you were visiting us and you were late, we’re sorry that you will not be allowed to participate.

A Preparatory Reading is also helpful before partaking. This helps prevent the danger of the celebration becoming ritualistic. It tells us of our need to examine ourselves before participating in the Communion. (Download PDF)

Other recommended readings:

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