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Our Schedule

Morning Worship: 10:30; Afternoon Worship: 12:30 PM (4th Sundays); Sunday Class: 9:30 AM

Our Beliefs

Our church subscribes to the 16th century Reformed doctrines, worship and practices.

What to Expect

Our worship services are centered on a holy and gracious God, so they are planned to glorify and please God.

What People Say About Our Church

Recent Sermon & Articles

1 John Sermon Series

John wrote his first epistle to counter false teachers in the church. First, these false teachers deny that Jesus is the Christ, and also the divinity and humanity of Jesus. Second, they also boast that they are able to not sin, and they are Christians, but their lives deny these boasts.

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Discerning Truth from Error in Our Culture

God’s Word encourages us to speak the truth; but speak the truth in love and humility to our unbelieving family and friends and neighbors. We must not “cancel” anyone from the preaching of the gospel of Christ, his sacrificial death for our sins, and salvation from their bondage to the spirit of error.

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Sermon (April 18, 2021)

We have to know and discern the spirit of truth from the spirit of error. These things have to be proclaimed out in the open, because if we as Christians do not, then, the time will come—and it is already upon us—when even the proclamation of the gospel will be canceled. Even now, churches and Christians are being singled out for persecution and “cancellation.”

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Morning Worship Service (April 11, 2021)

God’s word assures us that that we who are true believers “are God’s children now.” However, we still have the sinful nature in us at war against the new righteous nature that the Holy Spirit has given us. So we strive with all our might and the power of the Spirit to live holy, righteous and godly lives in obedience to God’s laws.

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Come, Join Us

We proclaim the historic ancient and Protestant Reformation faith, “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints,” in the Yreka-Weed areas in Northern California. Please continue browsing—our church might just be what you’re looking for!